Why always Palestine? Myths and facts

“With so much else going on in the Middle East, why always Palestine?”

  • The government takes action against human rights abuses in other countries, but not in Israel.  That’s why we focus on it.
  • We go on about injustice in Palestine because injustice in Palestine goes on and indeed is getting worse.
  • Just because there are human rights abuses in other countries does not excuse or belittle human rights abuses in Israel
  • Israel claims to be a liberal democracy which makes its treatment of Palestinians all the more reprehensible
  • Palestine is the poison in the well of international relations. It creates a sense of injustice and double standards that infects the whole of the Middle East and the Muslim world.
  • Granting impunity to Israel undermines international law
  • Other countries have poverty but in Palestine is it created deliberately

Contact Details

This briefing has been produced by Martin Linton, Sally Fitzharris and Taris Ahmad. For further questions please contact:

Martin Linton, martin@martinlinton.org

Sally Fitzharris, sally@sallyfitzharris.co.uk

Taris Ahmad, international.law.taris@gmail.com

Further information

Map of West Bank settlement


Trajectory of the Wall



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