One liners on a settlement freeze

  • The starting point for talks must be 67 borders, not “facts on ground” built in breach of international law.
  • You can’t move goalposts in mid-football match so why allow Israel to build settlements in mid-talks?  
  • It’s inherent in idea of negotiations that you can’t change parameters mid-talks.
  • Isn’t Israel just building its own preconditions in bricks & mortar and calling them settlements?
  • Palestinians already dropped their claim to 78% of mandate Palestine in 1988. Surely you can’t expect them to give up more? 
  • Why is it seen as a “precondition” to insist Israel stops building settlements? It’s the law. 
  • Israel must observe existing agreements not to build settlements before new talks can start?
  • The Kerry-Blair plan will not work if Israelis keep building settlements. Will US have the guts this time to exert real pressure on Netanyahu?
  • Talks without a settlement freeze are a trap set by Israel so it can win by delay.

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