Abbas to UN: ‘Back us or we go to court’

MPs stage three-hour debate on Palestine on December 1st
FCO questions on December 2nd

mahmoudAbbas_1581534cPalestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to offer a choice to the United Nations Security Council on Monday November 24th – either they support his petition for a Palestinian state on 1967 borders or he proceeds with his application to join the International Criminal Court.

If his petition fails to win the required 9-6 majority or if, as seems more likely, it is passed but the Americans exercise their veto, then Abbas has said he will activate the application to the Court which will make Israelis in the West Bank and East Jerusalem liable to prosecution for war crimes.

It would mean that Israeli soldiers caught on camera shooting unarmed protesters in recent demonstrations in Jerusalem could be arrested and hauled before the court in The Hague. It could also lead to the arrest of Palestinians.

The ICC considers cases against individuals, not countries, and they can only be arrested in countries that are members of the ICC, which does not include Israel or the United States.  But Israeli military could be arrested in the UK and many other European countries


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