Settler terrorism suspects in court

Palestinians suffer from acts of terrorism by illegal Israeli settlers on an almost daily basis, yet there is much less coverage of these acts of terrorism in the UK media than there is about Palestinian acts of terrorism.
In the last ten years the UN has catalogued 2,598 acts of violence by settlers against Palestinians, yet they rarely end up in court even when there is clear video evidence of settlers committing acts of violence, often with soldiers looking on or even joining in.
Palestinians report the attacks to the police, but over 90% of the complaints lead to no charges. Only when there is an international outcry – as there was in the case of Mohammed Khdair, the 16-year-old boy burned alive, and the Duwabshe family, burned to death in a firebomb attack last year – are the attackers brought to court.
It may be thanks to international pressure that Shin Bet, the Israeli security service, is now pursuing more cases and seven members of an Israeli terrorist group are currently appearing in court in Tel Aviv.
The suspects include an Israeli soldier who lives in a settlement, Yisrael Shendrofi, his brother, and five other settlers, two of whom are unidentified because they are minors.
They were accused of tossing tear gas grenades and firebombs at Palestinian civilians. In one of their attacks in December, two tear-gas grenades were thrown into the home of a Palestinian family in a West Bank village.
The two minors took the grenades, wiped off their fingerprints and put on masks before heading to the village. After making sure the house was occupied, they smashed a window and threw the grenades inside. The head of the family managed to get a baby out of the house in time before it was injured.
In an incident in November, the minors threw stones at a home in a village of and then threw firebombs inside the home . One of the firebombs struck the glass and bounced back outside and the other struck a plastic table in the house. In another attack three of the suspects threw stones at Arab vehicles and set fire to another Palestinian vehicle. In July 2014 they set fire to another vehicle.
The brothers have admitted to committing the crimes for which they have been charged.
According to the indictment, the soldier and two minors, had a crate of ammunition, including grenades, a stun grenade, five M-16 rifle magazines and parts of an M-16 rifle.
In yet another charge the minors and two of the other suspects beat up a 60-year-old Palestinian man with sticks and tear gas.
In 2013, a member of the group is accused of attacking a driver who came to unload a lorry. The soldier has been charged with permitting the minors to use his weapon.

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