About us

portrait photo of Martin LintonPalestine Briefing is a newsletter and briefing service on the Israel-Palestine conflict. It provides briefings for MPs in advance of questions or debates and reports back on what has been said in Parliament. It also sends out briefings and updates on what is happening in Palestine to a wider mailing list. If you want to join the mailing list, please click on the subscribe button or send your email address to info@palestinebriefing.org.

Through our sister organisation Travel2Palestine we also arrange fact-finding visits to Palestine.  We have taken 35 visits and over 400 people to Palestine over the last six years.  We take general visit open to all but we also take visits for MPs, for councillors, for parliamentary researchers and visits from different cities or for members of different political parties. If you add you name to our mailing list, you will be kept informed of briefings for our forthcoming visits.

Martin Linton, the editor of Palestine Briefing, is a former Member of Parliament and Guardian journalist. He is co-director of Travel2Palestine Ltd, which is a non-profit company.

He lives with his wife and two step-daughters. He has two grown-up daughters who live with their families in London.

To contact Martin please email info@palestinebriefing.org or director@t2ptravel.com


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